Monday, October 13, 2008

Maple syrup: treat or travesty?

Okay, maybe that's overdramatizing the conflict a bit. But really, I just got this online newsletter from, which declares maple syrup "liquid gold."

I don't think so. Or am I missing something here?


michelle said...

I think the travesty is in maple "syrup" that is not really the pure stuff. I made that awesome coleslaw (in my opinion--hee!) for the last cooking club and the secret ingredient was maple syrup. However, I have never been a fan of drowning pancakes or french toast in the stuff, preferring to put a small cup of it on the side for a light application. I guess I come down on the side of, if it is pure maple syrup and used appropriately, I call it a treat.

Naomi said...

Good point about its use. It should be used prudently. ;)