Monday, September 29, 2008

Games and pie

I’m taking a short break from essay writing and working on something straightforward: a review of Say Anything, a new party game. We played it at Joe and Sarah’s mock Thanksgiving dinner while we ate pie.

Reviewing this new game got me thinking about my favorites: Taboo and Scrabble. I just discovered the coolest thing on the Scrabble site: their word builder. You can type in seven letters and pull up a list of possible words. So you can improve your game and build your vocabulary, if you like that sort of thing. 

Incidentally, you can easily eat pie while playing Say Anything. This is maybe a good standard by which to measure a party game's playability. Then again, I cannot eat and play Taboo because the game evokes nonstop edge-of-my-seat excitement. For real. Some tips: 1. Michelle knows tons of pop culture stuff. 2. Don't pass if you play with Katy. 3. If you play with Yukie, she and Laura, her college roommate, can get each other to guess "corned beef hash" with one clue. 

Yukie will be visiting over Thanksgiving, so we'll probably play some games and eat some pie. Till then, I'll finish up my review and get back to my other writing.

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michelle said...

I am very much looking forward to board games again soon! Sorry I have been incommunicado lately. Work has been constant, and I've been tied up with family on the weekends. We need to get together soon!