Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh no, Papa! Not the wall!

Starting today, I'll be posting once a week about Papa's hijinx. For example:

I bought Papa a treat ball that I was hoping would entertain her during the day. I imagined she'd roll it around, delighted when her efforts yielded a miniature dog biscuit.

Effort #1: The treats were too small. Within moments of dropping the ball, Papa had eaten all of them. Also, the sturdy rubber ball, moistened with drool, now picked up fuzz and dog hair from the floor.

Effort #2: I put bigger treats inside the ball. Papa could not remove any of them. I, too, had trouble pulling them out, even though I have opposable thumbs. The ball went missing for a couple of days.

Effort #3: Christa gave me a treat bottle (one of Luther's castaways). It's made of bulletproof plastic. I filled it with smallish treats and waited for Papa to happily tug the knotted rope to dispense the treats. This did not work. Papa tried to gnaw open the bottom of the bottle, which also did not work. That was an improvement, because at least she found the toy stimulating.

Effort #4: Papa's next move: banging the bottle against the wall.

Oh no, Papa!

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