Monday, September 15, 2008

Papa likes accessories

Last week was busy (and this week isn't necessarily looking better), but I wanted to let you know what Papa has been up to. Normally I would blog about my life, but I feel incapable of that right now because I have a raging headache. So instead I offer you a photo essay, "Papa Likes Accessories." With some backstory: On Thursday, Papa broke a nail playing frisbee. Luckily, the vet fixed her up right away. So here she is with her neon gauze wrap. She didn't mind it too much.

On Saturday, Denise and I went to Botana's for dinner. We came back to play with Papa. She let Denise put a gift bow on her head. She didn't mind it too much.

Okay. Next post, I promise an update that's not about my dog. I hope you are all making jewelry and writing and not having a headache. See you soon.

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