Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Las Vegas sparkle

Three weeks ago, Tom and I designed jewelry for his fiancee, Meg, to wear.

On September 6, they got married at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Here's a photo he took as she was getting ready for their wedding. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

I love how jewelry comes to life (not literally — and not like beads talking, of course) when someone wears it.

Though I don't do too much custom work anymore, putting this jewelry together was fun and low-key. And look at what Tom brought back for me as a souvenir: an ornament! He called it "an homage to ornaments" (and, later, "an ornament of ornaments").

I'm already looking forward to the holidays. (In fact, I practiced by eating a turkey dinner with all the fixins at Joe and Sarah's house on Sunday. With apple pie for dessert.)

Okay, one last thing about ornaments: If you get a chance, check out the November issue of BeadStyle. I've got an ornament project there. Because it's never too early to start the holiday crafts.

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