Monday, March 31, 2008

A call for hearts

Anyone know where I can get some vintage heart charms? Quick-like?

I'll be making 35 pairs of earrings for the winning bidders at Yukie's Team in Training bachelor auction. I need to send the earrings to her by the first week in May, and I just realized that tomorrow is April 1st. Yikes. By the way, the auction is a fundraiser for the San Diego marathon in June. More details to come...


michelle said...

It looks like ebay has some lots for sale (search on "vintage heart charms"), but you'd have to watch the bidding--none of them have the Buy Now option.

I'll search more later and see what I find. Happy hunting!

Jean said...


tons of styles

fusonbeads: see the brass heart on this page:

and ALL the pewter hearts if yout ype in "search" at Green Girl Studios--