Monday, March 10, 2008

Brows, beaten

A new addition to my must-do list for New York: get my brows done by Ramy. When I called at 2:30 to request a same-day appointment, he replied, "Very last minute notice." But he graciously set one up anyway. With nervous anticipation, I wondered if he'd live up to the hype (adoration from beauty magazines and a long list of celebrity clients). And what would he be able to do with my underwhelming brows — in particular, the one that likes to grow in straight?

When I arrived, I was surprised to find there was no receptionist or assistant. Just Ramy and a client. (Typically, he doesn't take clients on Mondays; that's why he answered his own phone. I really lucked out.) I had a few minutes to admire the wall of photos. One of the most curious: Rudy Giuliani.

When Ramy finished up with his client, he brought me to his chair and got to work on my brows. He didn't ask any questions about how I wanted them to look, just started trimming and plucking while sharing stories about how nice and charming Nigel Barker is. This seems to be Ramy's approach: he keeps you entertained as, hair by hair, he changes your life. I'm not exaggerating: that's how good he is, elevating brow sculpting to a fine art. I am hooked. Or, arched, if that's a more fitting description.

He also cheerfully did my makeup — "since you're here," he explained. "Great cheekbones," he said — an amazing compliment from a celebrity makeup artist. I looked like a different person when he was finished. It's hard not to feel like an egomaniac while complimenting someone's ability to bring out your beauty, but I was astounded. My stumpy brows were now perfectly arched.

If you visit Ramy, be sure to let him know how much you appreciate your transformation. He never gets tired of hearing it, and I hope to be able to say it at least once a year.

PS: Props to Meg, one of the PR girls for JA, for telling me about him. I will have to check in with you next year to find out what other fabulous info you have about the city.


michelle said...

You look stunning! I wonder what he would do with mine...

Jean said...

I am so glad I saw this! I want and need a cool Ramiformation!