Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wigging out

Carole, BeadStyle’s art director, threw a wig party yesterday to celebrate her birthday. Costumes weren't required; just wigs. She wore reddish-hued hair, which looked adorable and was styled much like her everyday hair. Here she is with her husband, Ed, and Lisa, wearing tight curls. When Lisa’s wig arrived, she propped it on a vase, where she later found her dog growling at it.

And here are Jay and Debbie (in the black and purple) and Serene and Carlos (the blonde and the green). Jay was the tallest, grandest person in the room and had originally considered going as Don King. Serene said she got some strange looks in the drugstore with her ‘do. In a sea of blondes, Deb and Carlos — along with the birthday girl — had the most colorful hair in the room.

I myself had bought a flowing blond wig — which I should have tried on before 6:00 the night of the party. Instead of sexy bombshell, my look was more George Washington: whitish, powdery curls. Even more egregious, I had neglected an important detail in my look: my brows. They’re black. Only blondes with matching eyebrows have more fun.

As you can see, I went to the party sans wig. Here I am with Lisa and Linda, two of my Gamma Phi Beta sorority sisters. Linda, the editor of Make It Mine, looked beautiful (and convincing) as a brunette but said it required more makeup than usual. In the front row: Ed and Bergie, whose flowing hair nicely disguises his five o’ clock shadow. Bergie flipped his hair throughout the night, asking, “Anyone got a scrunchie?”

All in all, it was a great time. We watched a slideshow that Ed and Carole had put together with scenes of their dogs, vacations, and gatherings with friends. And we ate M&Ms and watched NCAA basketball, stuff that even a girl without a wig could enjoy.


michelle said...

How fun! I would have liked to have seen the blonde wig anyway, but I can understand the eyebrow issues.

Sorry I missed the NCAA fun. I wish I had been there!

Jean said...