Thursday, April 3, 2008

A new friend for Ginger?

Yesterday I got a message from Holly, a counselor with the Wisconsin Humane Society. Back in October, she handled my visit with Jake, a dog I adored, and then Ginger’s ill-fated introduction.

Holly was calling because she had a new dog in mind: Sammy, a submissive chap who she thought might be a match for Ginger. She said Sammy is "a very nice guy" — a good thing when you're talking about dogs.

I'm not sure whether I'll visit Sammy. Ginger and I have been through the introduction process three times already, always with the same result: her intolerance of potential canine friends. Also, Sammy is a "busy bee," which might be a lot to handle. But I appreciate the effort behind the phone call. I think that's excellent customer service, and it makes me want to always adopt my own canine friends from the humane society. With all the dogs up for adoption, it's also reassuring to know that the counselors are committed to finding good homes for them.

In the meantime, what do you think of Sammy? What can we tell about him from his photo? Yukie thinks he looks like "a dog's dog." I'll let you know if I visit him.


Jean said...

Sammy looks so cute! he looks friendly and sweet--which is a lab, for you. Of course they require at LOT of activity. I have never owned a lab, but many of the families in the town I grew up in owned them because of their sweet natures; they they are right up there with Golden Retrievers in that way. So they are so popular! Both breeds have a bit of trouble with hip displaysia in older age, I think, sometimes when improperly bred, but Sammy doesn't look like he is having any trouble with that at all! How does it all seem to you?

michelle said...

Sammy looks cheerful. I think you should meet him. I know it can be disappointing when it doesn't work out, but you might be bypassing an opportunity that WILL work out. And you really do want another dog. I can tell. :)