Sunday, March 9, 2008

Winter 2008 JA New York show

The reason I'm in New York: the JA New York show. It used to be in late January, but they decided to have it in March this year. I thought that I'd enjoy better weather, but the city has seen some umbrella-inverting rainstorms and, through the wee hours of this morning, winds that rattled the hotel windows. By the way, if you bid on hotels on Priceline, it's worth opting for the three-star (rather than the two-and-a-half star) hotels. Of course, I'm assuming that three-star hotels have working heat and a free wireless connection.

On a happier note, I met up with Jean Yates at the show, which features finished jewelry from more than 800 vendors plus a few loose bead suppliers. I fell in love with, deliberated, and finally decided to buy a strand of aqua quartz briolettes. These are the biggest beads I've ever bought. Imagine: chunky beads the size of the watch face on a man's wristwatch. I'm planning a necklace with the stones overlapping in a 3-D-ish effect.

Jean is so enthusiastic about jewelry, she not only encouraged me to buy the briolettes and other strands, she also gave me a handmade pair of silver hoop earrings with charms, pearls, crystals, and lampworked beads. This was such a thoughtful gift, and it was sweet of her to remember that I love big hoops.

We stopped by to say hi to one of my favorite designers, Ray Griffiths. I tried on beautiful drop earrings and a smoky topaz ring that looks very much like the pink amethyst ring I bought from him. Every JA show, I think fondly back to my first show in 2004, when Ray humored me as I fell in love with, deliberated, and finally decided not to buy a brilliant round amethyst ring. You could say I have a teensy bit of buyer's remorse at not getting it. What's strange, though, is that I could still get it. I just haven't because I feel like the moment has passed. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I also found a couple of new favorites: Shondra Leigh and Moritz Glik. Shondra and her partner walked us through their collection, which features briolettes, organic metal shapes, and tiny wire wraps. And Moritz dazzled us with his white sapphire rings, which have tiny diamonds floating inside — clever feats of engineering.

After we wandered the show floor for a couple of hours, it was time for lunch. We happened upon Trestle in Chelsea, where we ate veggie omelettes, drank tea, and talked about books, jewelry, and matters of the heart. Could this day get any better?

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Jean said...

YOU are so cool! I will write about this later! I want to read yu blog first!!! I love that you just blogged about this!!! we had so much fun!