Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ping pong party

With the promise of ping pong, pool, and pizza, Jim invited us for an after-work get-together.

The evening did not disappoint.

Jim, Keith, Andy, Drew, Craig, and Scott (“Laser”) played a lot of ping pong, mostly doubles. As did I.

Craig did not even get mad when I hit him in the sternum. When we were partners, he also did not get mad when I poached shots that were his. (Hey, it's a small table. Honest mistake, right?)

Drew also acted as line judge, and Lulu, who’s 5, was the ball girl. She was terrific at this and also at mingling, holding forth on such topics as pizza and Justin Bieber.

After a few hours, I was exhausted. No one ever plays just one or two games of ping pong. That's a lot of alertness.

Next up: converting the table to play pool. That was my cue to leave (bad pun intended).

Thanks for the hospitality, Jim!

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