Monday, February 14, 2011

Just another Valentine's Day

The heated BNL argument. Annie and Britta’s moment at the dance. Jeff carrying Chang into the apartment.

The Valentine’s Day episode of Community made me want to be an adult college student with misfit friends.

But I already have a great group of non-misfit friends.

My work day started with cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates that Cathy and Kelsey brought. Sweets make deadlines easier to bear. I think the biggest challenge of the day was whether "BeadStylers" should be a word, and if so, is part or all of it italicized?

At our end-of-day chat, Kelsey and I talked about our quiet friends and our attention-hog friends — not that we have many of either, thank you very much.

Off to the gym, where I ran into Carol, Dianne, Mary, and Tara. It was nice to know there were other people struggling to do bicep curls while doing a squat on one leg. (And that was only halfway through the class.)

In the locker room, I talked to Amy about her new job. And Linda, too, who is so considerate that she asked if I was done with the hair dryer — “The Big Mamou” — before she used it.

Then Patrice and I talked tennis for a bit, or maybe longer than a bit.

Finally I was off to Boulder Junction with Carol, Lisa, and Jeff for an anti-Valentine’s Day dinner. Over potato skins, chips and salsa, enchiladas, and chicken nachos, we talked about how hard it is to lose weight.

It was nice to realize how much of my day, just my average Monday, was filled with friends.

I hope your typical day includes treats at work and dinner with friends. And if you are extra lucky, maybe you also know someone who gives you dibs on the good hair dryer.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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