Thursday, September 30, 2010

Press Pause Moments anthology

I just got my copy of Press Pause Moments, a collection of essays about life transitions.

The timing couldn’t have been better. Fall is always a season of change, and I’ve been thinking about what things I’d like to change (or not) as my 40th birthday approaches. (More on that another time.)

One of my essays appears in this book, and so does one from Michelle Mach.

Michelle and I live somewhat parallel lives blogging, designing jewelry, and freelance writing. In a “small world” moment, we got a chance to meet at the Bead and Button Show this summer and thought it would be fun to cross-blog about the book.

The first words of her essay:

“Good-bye! Good riddance! Good luck! Good grief!”

Yes, that crazy mashup of feelings when you make a big change is totally relatable. Michelle not only made a big career change, she had the insight to write about it. Reading her story reminded me of academia — that feeling of being both at home and not at home.

So get a copy of the book and check out “Confessions of a Former Good Girl.”

You can also find out more about Michelle on her website or her blog, Beads & Books.


ACW said...

I'm with you! Fall is also for me symbolic of change and transition in a positive way!

Love your essay in the book, Michele's...truthfully all of these essays feel like treasured old friends to me by now! Thanks to both of you for being a part of this special project. absolutely fun and creative!

Naomi said...

Anne, thank you! You are a terrific editor to work with. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Michelle Mach said...

This was fun, Naomi! We'll need to get busy and work on our next essays, so we can do this again.