Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh no, Papa: enough with the shredding!

Papa has been good lately. Her only offense: shredding two mini boxes of cereal.

This lack of uncrazy behavior has given me pause. I worry that she's slowing down — or plotting a really big prank.

I took Pops to the vet this weekend for some routine tests. She hated being there and nervously peed on the examining table. I think she may remember her last visit, where the vet gave her charcoal to neutralize the effects of the chocolate donuts.

But she's in good health. Even though she broke one of her front teeth off at some point — maybe chewing something plastic? — her teeth are in decent shape, as are her eyes.

So we can all rest assured that she's doing fine. I still have to store food well out of her reach.

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