Sunday, September 26, 2010

A charming Asian movie

Trying to get over a cold, I slept in yesterday and then spent the day baking brownies and recycling old magazines. My day did have a bit of excitement: a visit from Terry, who surprised me by arriving exactly 24 hours early to pick me up for a party. Good thing I had brownies!

Once I got back to my uneventful day, I watched White on Rice. Yukie and I may be the only people I know who like Asian dramedies, but this is a movie worth seeing.

Check out the trailer. Don't you want to find out how hapless Hajime keeps his childlike innocence after heartbreak? Even though his nephew, Bob, is a bit of a stereotype — hardworking and a genius?! — the nice thing is, the kid actually doesn’t have sage-like wisdom. He’s just odd.

Thumbs up.

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