Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A hundred thousand welcomes

Another Irish Fest done, another summer gone. This year’s Fest was a blur, even though I was there twice.

On Thursday, Addie and I worked at the souvenir tent. I had a blast selling t-shirts. For real — maybe because I like being asked my opinion. I also love seeing the volunteer crew every year.

Later we ate insanely large baked potatoes from The Irish Baker. Mine had sour cream, chives, and bacon. I added cheddar (why should I be limited to what's on the menu?) to make a syrupy mess. Yum!

On Sunday, Denise and I worked at beer tent #5. It was pretty mellow, which gave us time to watch the parade and eat shepherd's pie and reuben rolls. To keep with the green theme, I also ate mint chocolate chip cheesecake at the Tipperary Tea Room.

The people at Irish Fest are always friendly and happy; sunshine and beer will do that to a person. I did have one odd encounter with two women who seemed puzzled that I was volunteering. But it was nothing I couldn’t handle: my years at Nevin’s prepared me.

Cheers to the melting pot that is Irish Fest!

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