Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh no, Papa, not the mail!

On Friday, after feeding and watering Papa, I went to get my Christmas tree. I was gone about half an hour.

When I got home, she had knocked all of the magazines, catalogs, papers, etc. from my kitchen table.

This reminds me of the garbage incident from last Christmas. Papa seems to tolerate long stretches alone just fine, but if I change my routine, it makes her nuts. (More nuts than usual, I mean.) Also, my dad hasn't stopped by in the last few days because he's out of town, so that's another change in the routine.

I'd like to get a pet cam. Then I'd know if Pops was trying to get at her treat jar when she accidentally slipped on the table, or if she deliberately swiped the magazines to make a mess.

I know, I am getting paranoid.


Bill Zuback said...

You need to teach her to eat the Bills. Then when credit calls you can say, "My dog ate them. No. Really!"

Naomi said...

I never understood the excuse, "The dog ate my homework." Now I do. Because Papa will eat/shred pretty much anything. She's a good reason to go paperless, though.