Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Papa's holiday hijinx

Papa has been providing material for "Oh no, Papa!" to the point that I can barely keep up. So here's a summary instead.

1. She tried to eat these resin bones that I made.

2. She opened a jar of peanut butter (how?) and ate half of it. I'm surprised she didn't jam her paw in to scoop out the rest.

3. Last night, she ate half a pan of lasagna (no photo of this one — we were in a hurry to clean it up). Yukie and I had stopped at Walgreens and not realized that we left Pops unattended in the car with a delicious pan of lasagna. We'd have done the same thing. Oops.

Luckily I have survived this trio of terror. And Papa has enjoyed having Yukie home for the holidays. Yukie and I baked doggie treats for her (the mix came in a jar, courtesy of Cathy).

Good dog, Pops.

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