Sunday, December 21, 2008

A jones for scones

With the blizzards this past week, I've had more time to bake. I made a few batches of florentines, which people liked last Christmas. Unlike last Christmas, though, there were no baking mishaps. Well, actually, just one: I didn't use quick oats in the first batch, so they turned out chewier than they should have been.

This morning, after playing Frisbee with Papa in subzero weather, I wanted scones. I rarely eat scones, unless I've baked them myself. Mine don't always turn out great, but I think I've had too many crumbly, flavorless disappointments from Starbucks.

An aside: I needed to use up some leftover buttermilk. How do you know when buttermilk goes bad? Does it, ever?

I tried a new recipe and threw in grated grapefruit peel and semisweet chocolate chips. The scones were good, but not my favorite. A couple of years ago, I found a great recipe on a bag of sugar. You can find it on the C & H Sugar website; just type in "lemon cream scones" in their Find a Recipe box (and select "All Words" in the drop-down box). That recipe uses heavy cream, not buttermilk. Also, I don't like golden raisins (they're like a waste of a raisin), so I substitute Craisins.

After my scones and green tea, I'm ready to start my housebound day.

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