Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lions and cookies and ornaments, oh my!

Last week at World Market, I spotted this little paper lion ornament who had only one eye. I brought him home (well, to the office) and made him a beaded eye patch. I'm not a person who thinks "The more, the better" when it comes to beads, but I wanted Leo to have some holiday spirit. I may leave him to hang out with my lucky bamboo; otherwise, I'll give him a place of honor on the tree.

I love Christmas. Not for the gifts, though I'm not opposed to gifts. I love ornaments, especially candy canes, lollipops, cupcakes, and fruit — especially in retro colors like purple, hot pink, and teal. I love decorating my tree and greeting the ornaments like old friends: "Crocheted Oreo, I've missed you!" or "Angry Gingerbread Girl, why do you keep turning your back?" I love watching Ginger try to squeeze behind the tree, even though it's in the corner and she's not a small dog.

The holidays are a time I reflect on the abundance in my life. Sometimes that means overeating cookies and picking out the odd ones, to be overeaten at a later time. Or, sending handmade Christmas cards (not handmade by me but by talented artisans). I've been absent from my blog for a couple weeks — busier living than writing, I suppose — but it's good to be back. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are easing into the holiday season, one ornament at a time.

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