Monday, December 3, 2007

Buying handmade

I sold jewelry and ornaments as part of the Bay View holiday event this weekend. Unfortunately, a combination of snow, sleet, and icy roads kept most people at home. Even so, the event was fun: I sold a few pieces, got my eye makeup done, and entertained myself with string cheese and cream puffs for a few hours. I also bartered with Anita Reed to get hand-painted light-switch covers. That's one of the best things about selling handmade goods: you can use them to procure other handmade goods. Bartering is a handy system.

This Saturday, I'll be shopping at Art vs. Craft. I'm hoping to pick up notecards and blank journals, as well as more of Anita's light-switch covers. If you're in Milwaukee, you should stop by. It's a great array of handmade stuff, all in one place. Better than braving the mall.

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