Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Newport Beach 2013: Tuesdays with Julie

Julie and I were planning on Mexican food, but after all the Baja Fresh and tamales and leftover tamales, I was craving something not Mexican. We agreed on Mama D's, an Italian place that's a block away from the place we went two years ago.

Over wine and too much bread and pasta, we talked about the past (Father's Office as our favorite bar) and the present (Uni crostini: Really, Father's Office?).

All the biggies were covered. Love, work, health, death, travel, gentrification, why academics have been slow to get smartphones. After a cannoli and closing the place down, we promised to keep in touch, more than once a year. Maybe over a Skype happy hour.

Or maybe we'll just stick to our low-tech ways: I'll keep my ancient cell phone, and Julie will avoid answering her phone while driving (which is especially impressive given how much driving she does). But I'm good with that, even it makes me sound like a crusty, out-of-touch academic. There could be worse things.


Julie said...

It was great to see you again. Next time, we're starting at lunch so we have time to REALLY cover it all! Maybe we can do a "life course" series of courses: start with nachos, garlic fries, and a pitcher of beer for lunch, then move on to a place that serves uni crostini with an amazing wine list for dinner. Ah, the life of a grad school survivor. :-)

Naomi said...

Garlic fries, yum! All of that sounds good; my only request would be a 3 p.m. nap. Sign me up!