Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tennis 2012: Le Club, Week 5

Our team faced stiff competition at Western, resulting in a 1-4 night.

The win: Kim and Kristen at #3 doubles. Because you were on the farthest court, I didn't get to see most of your match. But I was standing right there when Kristen put away the overhead on match point. 6-4, 6-1. Well done! Post match, Kristen stretched while Kim applied Stila lip gloss. Kristen, nice poise as always. And Kim, way to look pretty and kick ass.

Playing indoors, Sandy lost the first set 6-3 and did not feel well, retiring at 1-1 in the second. She had been up 3-0 in the first set — clearly a competitive match. Sandy, we are all rooting for you personally (as well as on the court). So rest up and take good care of yourself.

At #1 doubles, Tash and Rebecca's opponents were tough — especially the lady in yellow — and took the first set 6-2. But Team Tashbecca (Team Retasha?) fought back, losing the second set 7-5. I thought they played admirably and didn't quite understand why Tash was beating herself up over the loss.

I had gone to my car and then over to Court 3, so I missed what happened in the second set. Then I saw Nora's writing in my notebook: "2nd up!! 4-3." So now I get it. Down 5-6 and losing the match on a deuce point, I totally get it: That second set was within reach.

By the way, that is not a judgment. I'm just saying, I know how losing a close one can torment you in a different way than being overmatched.

At #2 doubles, Mary and Rebekah showed their tenacity: In the first set, down 0-3, they won the next two games. In the second set, down 1-4, they also won the next two games. I admire this so much — the spirit behind the scores. 6-2, 6-3 only tells part of the story; you two gave it your all. No one could ever ask for more.

We all wondered what was happening with Jessica, who doesn't like having an audience and was toiling away indoors. When she came off the court, she was frustrated with her 6-1, 6-3 loss. But I will say this: You had to have given your opponent a decent match because it took almost two hours. I know you don't roll over for anyone.

Overall, I had a fantastic time. Really! There I was, watching the team play on a sunny, 80-degree night. Western has great viewing. And I got a chance to hang out with Nora. So even though it was a tough night for the team, I feel grateful to have been there.

So I raise my glass of overpriced chardonnay to you. Cheers!

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