Saturday, June 16, 2012

On losing (mixed doubles)

Last night, Team Fontimoto suffered a loss: a 6-2, 6-1 drubbing against a team we should have at least been competitive with.

Though Jim and I only met at our first match, we played well in our three-set loss against a really experienced Le Club team. And even though we were nervous in our second match, we won decisively. So there was reason to be hopeful (or in Jim's case, insanely confident).

At last night's match at Hart Park, we couldn't blame the sun, the heat, or the wind. I was well hydrated. And Jim had done his burrito-and-pills ritual.

Our opponents had good sportsmanship; there was nothing crazy about them that got in our heads. But between Patrick's arsenal of shots and Deb's consistency, we made lots and lots of mistakes.

We agreed that we sucked. Which is too bad, because we don't suck individually or as a team.

Over on court 2, Gina and Barry lost a nailbiter. Like us, they lost the first set, 6-2. But then they came back to take the second set, and they lost the third set in a tiebreaker. Very, very competitive, and everyone on the court played well. Even brilliantly, at times.

Post-match, Gina identified my problem. (Or at least one of them.) Apparently I've gotten used to winning. Probably because the past year was really charmed: Patrice and I had a great 3.5 (and 4.0) season, and I partnered well with Kim and Kristen at combo.

Here we are, in a new season. New opponents, new partnerships. And more losses than I am comfortable with.

More losses than Jim is comfortable with, too. At the end of the night, we apologized to each other. I hope we never have to apologize again. Onward, as I've said before.


Jim Fontanini said...

Very good recap to our Friday match. Patrick is a good player, few mistakes and strong serve. Deb was able to take advantage of our errors and also make no mistakes.
We don't completely suck but we made it too easy for them to win.
After a couple of conversations regarding my pre-match diet/routine, I'm going to make some what I want and back off of the pills.
I'm still confident that we will end up with more wins than losses when the season is over.
Hats off to Barry and Gina! Great match after being down 4-1 in the second.

Naomi said...

Good news about the pills. And I like your confidence! I suspect my next post will have an entirely different tone. See you Friday!

Michelle said...

Hey Naomi, we still want a practice match but Linda has two other leagues so it may have to wait until after the season.

Naomi said...

MIchelle, I'd love to get together when everyone has time. After the season is over would be fine. :)