Sunday, June 24, 2012

On timeouts (mixed doubles)

Yesterday Team Fontimoto played the Kenosha team at Le Club.

Jack, one of our opponents, wanted a shorter warmup because he wasn't feeling well. He did not look well, either, which was disconcerting.

Jim and I had played ping pong and hit some ground strokes, so we didn't mind the abbreviated warmup.

Once we started the match, Jack looked like he was going to pass out; he sat down during every change-over. Jim was willing to let him take as long as he needed.

If only there were a rule on such things.

If only we had known it. I mistakenly thought a player was allowed 10 minutes.

According to the USTA, it's three minutes. You can take one during the warmup and one during the match.

But who keeps a stopwatch with them during a match?

To Jack's credit, he did not seem to take three minutes on a regular basis. Nor did his illness did not stop him from wailing on the ball.

I suggested Jim move back when I served to Jack. Team Jim found this emasculating. "I'm willing to get hit," he said. Still, his ability to compromise trumped his pride, and he humored me. Just so you know, asking him to move back was a reflection of my girly serve, not his skills.

I got frustrated only once (and no, it wasn't when he said I should eat a whole cookie instead of just a half right before the match). But it's okay, because we're getting to a point where he ignores me only occasionally during a match and things usually work out just fine.

We got aced and we got passed, but we stayed in it. We won 6-1, 6-3.

Now we're back to .500.


Jim Fontanini said...

Dear 4,
It sure is more fun to win than lose! After last weeks match I knew I needed to play better.
I did feel for Jack. I'm glad he fought through and finished the match.
You and I are starting to figure out what to expect from each other during a point. That is going to help us improve in the back half of the schedule.
Ok, let's address the "only once frustration".
I've narrowed it down to two things I did and I'm not sure exactly which one you are referring to. It's either:
1. Not listening to you at the baseline when you told me to "bounce it".
2. My inappropriate comment to you at the beginning of game #9 in the second set.
I'm glad we ended up winning, otherwise I would have some explaining to do.
By the way..."who do we play next week?" HaHaHaHa

Naomi said...

Three, it's #1. But really, I am over it (I'll just get to relive it thanks to this blog post). I know I can be bossy on the court, so who can blame you for doing your own thing sometimes?

What a great insight about figuring out what to expect from each other! You played awesomely. I am excited about the rest of the season. See you at practice.