Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ron's pig roast 2011

Ron's annual pig roast is always a gluttonous affair. This year's theme: iPig.

The event did not disappoint.

I had a barbecued pork sandwich, broccoli salad, potato salad, pasta, and brownies with M&Ms. Ron's aunt also baked a delicious apple pie with Jack Daniels. Somehow I managed to skip the cake, a tri-level number with a pig on it.

On this year's invite:

"Technology is at its best when you can feel completely natural doing absolutely nothing that requires physical exertion."

Mission accomplished. I didn't manage to snap as many photos as I'd wanted. I definitely wish I'd gotten a photo of our host. But Ron must have been moving and mingling too fast for me.

Ron, instead I'll just say thank you for your generosity. And congratulations on the successful rollout of iPig!

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