Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tennis: Honey Badgers’ sixth team win

The Honey Badgers journeyed to Pleasant Valley tonight.

The ladies from the valley of pleasantness were kind, but they weren't about to hand over any matches. I wouldn't expect anything less from a team that's been to Indy three times.

That said, Lisa was the first person off the court, after a 6-1, 6-0 victory. Way to go! (Your opponent told me she wished you made more unforced errors. Obviously you didn't. You were her first loss of the season.)

At #1 singles, Kelly put up a fight: 19 games before her opponent closed it out. It was a top-notch effort against a consistent hitter (who's also playing 4.0).

And though I doubt a cliché will make you feel better, I'm going to put it out there anyway: Have faith that it's never over till it's over. Really. The next point is always up for grabs, so know that you can win it. Keep fighting the good fight! (Okay, two clichés in one paragraph is overkill. But I've had to repeat them all to ease the pain of the 6-2, 6-0 drubbing Patrice and I suffered last night. "Lesson in humility." "Learning experience." "Will make me a better player." Yup, I know them all. And Beth, thanks for your calm reassurance sans clichés.)

Now back to the matter at hand:

In doubles, Colleen and Marilee played on a different court than assigned and forgot to update the score cards, but it all worked out: They rallied to win, 7-5, 6-1. It was amazing to watch their combination of aggressiveness and patience — and how they got into a rhythm of the right shot at the right time. Well played!

Dianne and Sandy also played a great match: After losing the second set, they won the third.


No question, they wanted to win. Love it! You two are solid as partners and as all-around teammates. And great work at staying undefeated, even with different partners.

The last match to finish: At #1, Jan and Jean played a nailbiter.

They volleyed. They lobbed. They split sets.

Jean compared Jan to her 4.5 mixed doubles partner, saying, "Ron would have gotten that."

Somehow this motivated the power hitter in Jan. After being down in the third set, they came back to win it, 7-5. Holy Honey Badgers! It was brilliant tennis; their opponents played well, too, which makes the victory even sweeter.

Post-tennis, we shared subs, salad, key lime pie, and cream puffs. The PV team is a gracious group, and I enjoy the ritual of sharing a meal.

The hard-fought victories have brought us to our 25 and 10 record.

Go team!

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