Sunday, July 31, 2011

Papaya as a puppy

I received this photo yesterday and it made my day.

Having adopted "Maiah" when she was 8, I had no idea what she'd looked like as a pup.

In the summer of 2000, Jason and Jessica adopted her — when she was only 12 weeks old. Look at her tiny tail and big feet!

She grew into her features, as dogs do. The pads of her paws are no longer pink and I can't pick her up, but she's still every bit as adorable, with the same white socks and quirky smile.

Now she's 11 years old — 11 and a third, really. I took this photo today.

Bundle of joy to bundle of oh boy: Doesn't she look like a mutt capable of dastardly deeds? Yet I'm really lucky that Jessica and Jason gave her to me. She is a great character!

Maiah-Papaya, you have always been loved.

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