Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jewelry and gelato

On Friday, Kelsey and I taught jewelry making classes on High-Interest Day at Washington Elementary.

It was fun and a bit easier than last year, when everyone got done stringing at the same time and we had to finish a bunch of necklaces in just a few minutes.

Fortunately we had the brilliant idea of finishing one end of the wire before we handed out the kits — which saved time and resulted in fewer dropped beads.

Still, the kids kept us busy.

One of the first things we heard: "I didn't want jewelry! I wanted gelato."

After we introduced ourselves, one of the boys raised his hand. "I need help," he said.

Also overheard:

"These look like marbles. I'm just sayin'."

"Are you a senior?" (This to Kelsey, of course, not me.)

And my personal favorite, as a fourth grader laid down in the corner:
"Do you have nap time?" (No.) "Then why do you have an awesome carpet?"

Good thing kids are resilient and move on from disappointments like dropped beads and no gelato. Everyone — including Kelsey, Jenna, and me — had a great time, just like last year.

Afterward, Kelsey and I had lunch in the gym: sandwiches, chips, and dessert — caramel sea salt gelato.

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