Saturday, November 20, 2010

More cupcakes!

I came home from last Friday's festivities to find two pink and black boxes from Georgetown Cupcake. Michelle had ordered four dozen cupcakes — one in each flavor, plus some.

Yukie and I tried the vanilla with chocolate ganache and the chocolate mint. (The image is from Georgetown Cupcake's website.)

I later sampled the lemon, mint cookies and creme, milk chocolate birthday, and PB fudge. (If you check out the menu, you'll see photos of almost all of their cupcakes.)

All the ones I tried were delicious — the perfect ratio of cake to frosting. If I had to pick a favorite, the chocolate mint would top the list. That creamy mint frosting was amazing.

If you count the baking before my birthday, I ate cupcakes for six days straight. I think that's a respectable effort.

Thank you, Michelle, for the gift. It's like the party is still going on.

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