Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh no, Papa, not right now!

Papa has a new bad habit: crying when I don't play Frisbee with her.

This isn't the grumbling she does when she's content (that sounds odd, but it's true) or the growling when she hears people approaching the house. It's yelping. As if not playing Frisbee is painful. Pitiful, even. It's the sound she makes when she gets caught trying to run through a door before it's fully opened. Ouch.

When I tell her "No!," she hangs her head and backs away. Why do I say no? Because it's difficult to play while I'm mowing the lawn.

But then she tries again. She has also taken to dropping her Frisbee right in the path of the lawn mower, making eye contact and looking forlorn. She'll move it when I pause and say, "Pick it up."

I'm trying to train her to follow me with her Frisbee as I do yard work. We'll see how that works.


Jean said...

Hi !!! You are in my blog ! I hope you enjoy it!

xox jean!

Jean said...

hi again! yes, you are in my blog again!!!