Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh no, Papa! Not in the house.

Yesterday Kristin brought Laika over to hang out with Papa.

Around dogs, Papa isn't a highly social creature. She tends to be submissive. She can be submissive around people, too — she peed when Kristin came in the house. Twice. Oh no, Papa.

Meanwhile, good-natured Laika wanted to play play play. We all went outside, and Papa chased a Frisbee while Laika chased Papa, always letting her catch it. If we were inattentive, my poor mutt tried to entertain herself by doing the moonwalk. After we came in, Laika played with some of Papa's toys while Papa looked on, puzzled. Then, both of our furry friends got on the couch while Kristin and I relaxed with brownies and tea.

Alas, Laika was tentative getting off the couch (sometimes she forgets she has hind legs, Kristin says). Here she is trying to figure it out. Oh, Laika.

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Addie said...

Oh! Looks like a fun girls' night in. :)