Monday, February 9, 2009

The right way

I’ve gotten a few suggestions to write more about tennis — mostly from Bob, my tough-love-without-the-love pro. So I offer you a summary of yesterday's tennis lesson:

“You are very right-side dominant.”
“Yes. I am.”
“For such a good player, you have a very incomplete game.”
“I know. I do.”
“You’re really awkward on the backhand side.”
“The difference is glaring.”
“Do you think anyone will notice?”
(no response)
"Maybe I just need to get faster so I can run around to the forehand side."
"Some people do that." (Making a backhand chopping motion): "Do you do karate?"
"I'm not a stereotype."

And so on. After my astoundingly weak backhand volleying, I hit ground strokes for ten minutes (those went fine). Then Chris, a teammate from the summer, came for her lesson, and we hit while Bob critiqued both of us. It was a surprisingly good lesson. It's amazing how minor adjustments can make a huge difference. Aha! Also true in life, yes?

Anyway, I have noticed that I’m right-side dominant in most things: I’m right handed, my right leg is stronger and more developed than my left, and my hearing is better in my right ear. How do I know this? Only the left ear bud on my Shuffle works, and when I accidentally put it in my right ear instead, I’m always appalled at how loud it is.

Is anyone else plagued by one-sidedness?


Addie said...

Energetically-speaking the right side of the body is associated with masculinity, and the left with femininity.
Masculine energy is active, decisive, protective, and "gets things done," while feminine energy feels, observes, nurtures, experiences, and reacts. A true balance is a difficult thing to achieve.
Just my random metaphysical 2 cents. ;)

Also, "I"m not a stereotype." cracked me up.

Bill Zuback said...

Have you ever noticed how huge Nadal's dominate arm is compared to his other one. Federer doesn't seem to have such a freakish difference? I thing we all have these one sided issues. I've noticed that I'm always right and everyone else is seems to be wrong? Is that what you mean?

Naomi said...

Now I have even more to think about. Bill, is it Nadal's left or right arm that's bigger? Either way, that's definitely something tennis players have to watch out for. Even when they are as amateur-ish as me. :)

And Addie, that metaphysical stuff is fascinating. I have some feminine balancing to do (or does that sound really bad?). Maybe tennis just attracts unbalanced people....

Jean said...

I thought thsat was hysterically funny.

PS: was I supposed to?

I am ambidextrous.

xox !!!

Naomi said...

Jean, I'm jealous that you're ambidextrous. That must be why you're so good at making jewelry. :)