Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh no, Papa and Luther!

Papa and I hung out with Christa and Luther (full name: Luther von Puppy) this weekend. Papa tends to be submissive; Luther is a playful guy who wants to be in your space. He followed Papa, sniffing and standing close by while she growled quietly. Politely, almost. She wasn't too shy to snap at treats, though.

The most difficult part: getting the mutts together for a photo. We corralled them as best we could, but they kept wandering away. I took dozens of shots and deleted all but these two.

Don't they look puzzled? Oh no, Papa and Luther!

All in all, play time turned out okay. By the end of the night, Papa was sleeping on Christa's couch.


Bill Zuback said...

love the picture with Luther in your (lens) face and Papa turning away from the action. Nice Job!

Jean said...


calgphib said...

The two pups look very cute in the top picture. Too cute!