Saturday, August 30, 2008

Adventures in doggysitting, again

A month ago, I dogsat for Maiah. Jessica agreed to let me take her this weekend so I could see how she handles being with me for a longer time. So far, so good.

Yesterday we played frisbee and she went for a walk with my parents. They liked her just fine. Also good: she didn't pee in the house.

Maiah woke up this morning and grumbled until I pet her. She loves to give kisses and isn't picky about where — eyelids, mouth, arm, thigh.

What else? She pants a lot (and seems to have some type of dialogue going in her sleep). I'm hoping she'll calm down a bit, at least at nighttime.

On an unrelated note, Yukie emailed me this link about a dangerous dog toy. I'm usually not an alarmist about these things, but after reading the post, I felt like I had to get the word out, even if in a limited way.

Okay. Time to get ready for some non-canine social time. I hope you're doing something fun with your time away from work.

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