Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun with Art

Today, Tom (an art director I work with) and I designed wedding jewelry for his fiancee, Meg. The process was surprisingly painless. And in the spirit of true collaboration, we even came up with the title of that blog post together — very right-brain/left-brain, yes?

On a somewhat related note, I made a necklace out of lint balls last week. Lint balls, I tell you! I can't take full credit for the necklace, though: Jay, an illustrator in the art department, retrieved the specimens from his dryer.

I'm enjoying these creative challenges. Next up: a necklace with very large briolettes. But that's a story for another time.


Sarah Yost said...

that necklace is crazy! and cool. will it hold up if you wear it?

Naomi said...

Thanks! I'm not sure if it's wearable, but Jay is spraying it with a photo fixative to test it out.