Saturday, August 2, 2008

Say hello to my little friend

Today I got a card from Linda, a friend (and sorority sister) from back at my days at Cal. Even though she lives in San Francisco, we try to get together every year or two.

Linda loves dogs and used to feed their family dog with chopsticks. Her memory of Ginger made me laugh:

I remember this one time when we cooked breakfast at your place and she just loitered around the kitchen, waiting for little droppings that would hit the floor. (Who needs a broom.)

Linda also sent a Shining Stars stuffed animal. My little friend arrived with a password — very curious — so I went online. After entering the secret code and selecting my age (7 and up), I registered his name (Sir McBarkbark) and got to name a star. The website gave coordinates for “Ginger,” my star in the Hercules constellation.

Thanks for the thoughtful memento, Linda. I’ll take good care of Sir McBarkbark.

Again, thanks to all my friends for your kindness. I'm glad that there are so many people whose lives — and food — Ginger touched.

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