Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A doggone mystery

Keith and I just spent three and a half hours assembling the new queen bed I ordered for the spare bedroom — just in time for Yukie's visit tomorrow. Okay, so maybe we did spend 20 minutes eating Chinese food and a few minutes paying attention to Ginger. Here she is at about the halfway point. Incidentally, she also got trapped when Denise and I assembled the bed in my upstairs bedroom.

How did she get in there? No, I did not ask her to pose in the midst of our handiwork. Gigi wants to be a part of the process, wants to take a nap while people work around her — then wakes up disoriented and puzzled about how to get out. The bed frame is too low to crawl under, too high to just step over. After a few forlorn moments, she'll halfheartedly leap over the obstacle.

There is probably some cute lesson about perseverance here, but I am just too tired to think of it. Three hours of twisting a tiny wrench can really sap your energy.

By the way, the bed does look great. Not quite the same once I added the comforter heavy enough to withstand Midwest winters — but striking nonetheless. Plus, I figure that Ginger will never again be ensnared by my furniture-building trials. I'd ask her how she feels about that, but she's sleeping.


michelle said...

Love the bed! You always find such good deals on Overstock. I really need to check that out more often. Poor Gigi. Nobody puts baby in the corner... And why that is still funny to me, I do not know.

Naomi said...

That is still funny! I guess Gigi puts Gigi in the corner (that's why she is not having The Time of Her Life).

michelle said...

Oh, excellent related song title reference. I was trying to work in She's Like the Wind, but it's Friday, and I am not sharp.