Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heartfelt earrings

Yesterday I made ten pairs of earrings. I was on a roll, knowing that the Team in Training bachelor auction is quickly approaching. (Note: Give the TNT crew a few days to get the site up. And then browse, browse, browse!)

My favorite pair of earrings so far: red hearts dangling from vintage gold chain. The beads are from a mixed tub I bought at Hobby Lobby. Even though the hearts are plastic, the ruby color is gorgeous and a bit pearlescent. (The assortment also had fun stuff like bright green dolphins, purple seals, and yellow teddy bears.)

I also got a bunch of hearts from Rings & Things. Personally, I like the 20mm pink glass hearts on a length of geometric silver chain, but I'm making a variety. Each pair is a little different. I also made some 12mm earrings with just the hearts (no chain) in clear, gold, or peridot. I figure that some gals like more conservative jewelry. And some actually hate hearts, but I can't worry about that right now.

I do hope that someone finds love (and not just a good story) at the bachelor auction. Call me a hopeful romantic.

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