Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My snow day

Yesterday should have been a day of finalizing stories for a BeadStyle deadline and starting work on the May issue. Instead, I stayed home from work: we had a snow day! I know exclamation points are gratuitous, but if you've ever been granted a reprieve from school or work, you know that the joy of a snow day can't be overstated.

After shoveling in my pajamas, I ate scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee. I did laundry and called my friend Heather, who lives in Omaha. I rarely get to chat on the phone on a weekday, so it was a luxury to spend an hour and a half catching up. Then it was time for lunch and a nap during soap operas. (My day could have been better if I'd had a nap sans soap operas.) After shoveling again, I tromped to the grocery store and said hello to my neighbors as we shook our heads at the shin-deep snow. Everyone was in a good mood — why get upset at the weather? — and it made me happy that I live in the Midwest.

It's rewarding to have a day filled with small pleasures. Even though it would've been nice to also bake, wrap gifts, and watch the episode of Everwood where there's a snowstorm and everyone stays inside, there are only so many hours in the day. I'm back at work today, trying to meet tomorrow's magazine deadline. I should probably be frantic about it, but I'm not.

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michelle said...

An excellent recap of a truly wonderful day. I had to fit work in amongst shoveling (also in my pajamas!), but it was still a treat to do that work from the comfort of my own home. You summed up nicely why we wouldn't trade our Midwestern winters for anything. And I'm even including my experience in an auto-shaped teeter totter at the end of my driveway yesterday morning. Go snow! Only stop, please, for about a week, so we can all catch up. :)