Friday, August 19, 2016

Dream Team 2016

I get a little stressed thinking about what I need to do before my move. There are goodbye dinners to be had and boxes to be packed and U-verse modems to be shipped (really, AT&T?).

But then I remember Gina's advice: "Don't think about the big picture." Good idea, particularly when I overanalyze things that aren't likely to happen. Sometimes I talk myself out of opportunities, but this last month has really shown me what is possible.

March 2012: Gina, Yvonne, Patrice & me in Indian Wells
It's fitting that Gina was the one to give this advice.

Four and half years ago, our tri-level team went to California and played at Nationals. Cheesy as it may sound, it was a dream come true. The journey had everything: triumph, tears, and some heartbreaking losses. To get to play in Indian Wells was a high point of my tennis career. Getting there might've been unlikely, but it was always possible.

August 2016: Gina, Yvonne, Patrice & me at Highlander
Four and a half years later, we reunited to play some doubles. After the great tennis, we enjoyed lunch at El Jefe. We ate everything: tacos, quesadillas, and lots of chips. To get to play and hang out with the Dream Team again was a high point of my last week in Milwaukee. They'll always remind me of all that is possible.

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