Friday, November 2, 2012

Holiday ornament wreath

I've been wanting to make an ornament wreath for years — years! — and have finally done it. I'm not especially crafty, but this was a really fun project. Glue guns are the best!

For a supply list and instructions, check out "Naomi knows: How to make an ornament wreath" in the Bead Style Bead Room.

Then you, too, can cross that off your holiday bucket list.


michelle said...

It is beautiful! Great job -- I have always wanted time make one, too.

I have a dumb question: is the back full of ornaments, too or is the ribbon-wrapped form visible?

Naomi said...

Michelle, how did I not see this until now?! Anyway, the back of the wreath is flat — it hangs better that way. You can see the ribbon on the back and just a bit on the sides. But really, I could've just skipped the whole ribbon part to save time.