Friday, November 4, 2011

My birthday at O'Sullivan's

I love November. Minus the changing weather and daylight savings time malaise, there are always at least three fun things that the month holds: my birthday, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of Christmas decorating.

This year's birthday drinks were at O'Sullivan's, a place I go to only occasionally but which is conveniently located. I really miss Sluggo's, but there was an altercation involving the tennis group so we don't go there anymore. Sad. I loved celebrating there, in a listen-to-Journey-and-use-coupons kind of way.

Actually, Pat drove to Sluggo's first to make sure they hadn't just changed their name to O'Sullivan's.

I arrived at 5:00 — on time — and sat by myself for 15 minutes with my ale. It felt like longer.

I questioned whether "No RSVP necessary" came across as "You don't really need to stop by."

But then Terry and Cathy and Keith and Craig and Drew showed up and suddenly it was not overly ambitious that I had staked out a table. Happy hour, indeed!

Patrice made pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes (yum!) and we also enjoyed fried foods. And I got a balloon and a ginormous cookie. Don't ever underestimate the impact of a balloon or a ginormous cookie; they both make you feel loved. (And so does a bottle of single-malt scotch. Thanks, Mary and Stacy!)

This birthday celebration was terrific. Work friends, Milwaukee friends, tennis friends, friends of friends. Thanks for being there. You make aging fun!

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