Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good times in Tosa

Steve and Jennifer and I met for coffee at Alterra — in Wauwatosa, where we grew up. Granted, Alterra didn't exist the last time we saw each other, 20 years ago.

When Steve and I got back in touch, he sent me a link to our preschool art teacher’s blog. In her most recent post, "Scoops", she reminisces about Friday visits to Leon’s. I can’t think about frozen custard without getting sentimental about the Midwest — and vice versa. I’ll be going to L.A. later this week, and whenever I’m away from home for more than a couple of days, I feel nostalgic for stuff like that. Nevermind that I don’t eat frozen custard that often; I just like to know that I can. Yesterday, in anticipation of my six-day absence, I stopped at Culver’s for a chocolate cone. I felt full about halfway through, but I was driving and didn’t have anyplace to put the cone down, so I just finished it. Such is the nature of frozen custard.

Anyway, things have been crazy busy with tennis and a new freelance assignment, but I really enjoyed reconnecting with old friends (and favorite foods). Next on the agenda: Jennifer has promised we'll meet for drinks at Sluggo's. Somehow, I suspect that that will be a few months down the road....

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The Suitcase Lady said...

Hi Naomi, I just found your link to "Scoops". I remember you so well and even have some of your pictures from way back then. I definitely will buy copies of your book. I buy presents for nine girls, five granddaughters and four nieces. So you have solved lots of my gift giving needs! I will also pass along your link to the girls.

Art is certainly one of the happiest things we people do. I'm so glad that art is still a part of your life. Mary Tooley