Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just desserts

How does karma work? If you mistreat someone, does it come back to you immediately, or down the road?

I must have been incredibly annoying in a past life (if not recently). That's the only explanation I can muster for the experience I had playing tennis on Saturday. Imagine two and a half sets with Ben, the scary guy from Lost. Except that Ben seems a little bit better at conversation.

Bad idea: saying yes to tennis because I didn't want to be unkind.

Other than that, my weekend was pretty sweet. On Friday, Katy made a fruit tart with peaches, blueberries, and blackberries. It was excellent and it helped me with my eat-more-fruit resolution. And on Saturday, I went to Balistreri's with Joe and Sarah. Things always seem better when you're laughing with friends.

Also, look what I found at the grocery store: four-ounce cups of Haagen-Dazs. Delightful! I probably didn't need to eat dessert for the third time this weekend, but I couldn't resist. Bad idea? (By the way, you probably didn't need to see the plum, but it was there and I wanted to show how tiny the tubs were. They're about the size of a tennis ball. In case you don't know how big a plum is.)

I'm an ice cream purist; I don't need gummy bears or candy bars or granola mixed in. (Though, I did like the mochi balls at Pinkberry.) Haagen-Dazs is so good, I'll eat flavors that I wouldn't usually want (like coffee or strawberry) in other brands of ice cream. I just wish the spoon was wood instead of plastic. Not that I used it — I needed a regular spoon to scoop the ice cream out of my waffle bowl.

I hope you're occasionally doing things that are against your nature. And having a good time of it. You can always try change in small ways — like in four-ounce minitubs. Those help alleviate the effects of karmic retribution.

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