Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tacos and a toilet tank lid

I just got home from dinner with Joe, Sarah, and Chad. Joe and Sarah live across the alley and Chad is their friend from Oregon.

A little something about them: Joe and Chad de-iced the walkway by my garage this winter, just because they are nice guys who do stuff like that. And Sarah knows how to put everyone at ease, offering you a sweatshirt when it gets chilly out, and would you like any more ice cream?

So when they invited me over for tacos tonight, I knew there'd be good food and good company. Chad made the tacos, deep-frying the tortillas and serving them with guacamole, sour cream, and queso. Fried tortillas and condiments galore: could this night get any better?

After tacos, we hung out and played cards. Conversation turned to what we had done that day — me: played tennis; them: installed a new toilet.

A few months ago, I accidentally broke the lid on my toilet tank. Even though I tried to fix it, two-part epoxy and white glaze just couldn't hide the damage.

Joe said I could take the lid to their old toilet.

When I went home, I took the lid, and voila! it fit. This was so easy and miraculous, I ran back to their yard and told them to come over. They were almost as pleased as I was.

Maybe a toilet tank lid doesn't seem like a big deal to you. But that's probably because yours isn't broken. Plus, how often do your neighbors invite you over for dinner and then send you home with a useful party favor?

These are the times that I love being a homeowner. My good fortune continues.

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