Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Deciding on a paint color

I've been mulling over paint colors and I'm almost ready to commit… I just need to see how the duvet cover looks (according to UPS, it got delivered to my house today). Even though the paint color is a bigger deal, the color of the duvet cover is harder to customize. So, I'll be working around that.

I got some second opinions from Serene, who's a graphic designer for BeadStyle and has adorable style herself, and A Guy Who Shall Remain Nameless, a co-worker who'd undoubtedly be mocked for his creative side. His first suggestion wasn't a paint color but a recommendation to get a headboard. Actually, it was to make my own — out of three wooden pieces, painted to match my room — and bolt it to the wall. Great idea, but, unless we're talking about jewelry, I'm more buy-it-yourself than do-it-yourself. Plus, that would mean three more paint decisions in addition to the wall color, and I don't think Jane, Serene, or Nameless has that kind of time.

Anyway, Serene and Nameless both picked the same color. I've misplaced the color that Jane liked, but it was more mauve-y than purple. Right now, the frontrunners are similar plummy shades from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams (Passion Plum and Kimono Violet, respectively). I prefer Kimono Violet — it's a great purple, not too red and not too blue.

Aside from waiting to see how the berry or merlot bedspread looks, I'm attached to three other colors. The dark horses: Mulberry, Gentian, and Seduction. Mulberry (which is more berry-ish than in the chip — it's the center color in the left-hand chip) is probably too intense, but it's so gorgeous I can't quite let it go. Gentian (on the middle card, second from the bottom) is a darker shade of what's already on the walls, so I'm partial to it even though it's not Moroccan. Nor is it much of a change. And Seduction has amethyst tones that I love. Anyway, I'll be buying paint on Friday, so at least there's a deadline.


michelle said...

I like "your majesty" and "kimono violet" the best. I think all of them are very striking. Can't wait to see the end product!

Bergie said...

Picking a paint color is hard. It's especially hard online, because I have little confidence that my computer monitor is calibrated properly. Thus, I could be seeing the colors in a misleading light.

Speaking of misleading lights... NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, buy paint without first taking the paint chip out of the store. It seems that every retailer’s paint chip rack is lit by florescent lights. Florescent lights are terrible; their light will completely change the spectrum of the paint colors. Take the chip, go home, open the blinds, and view the paint chip in its natural environment during daylight hours.

We've painted a LOT of walls in our Cape Cod, and we've gotten to the point where we're completely loyal to Ace Hardware's Royal Touch paint. I know, the thought of John Madden selling you paint is a turn off, but that Royal Touch paint covers very, very well. We've painted deep blue onto white walls in two coats. Give it a try; you'll love it.

Good luck!
Bergie (www.OldHomeBlog.com)

Jean said...

I wrote a long thing last night wih advice from my builder husband Jim and got bumped offline! It's probably too late, but he says both brands are good, although Benjamin Moore is a bit better at rematching if you have to repaint. All the painters seem to prefer it, around here!

did I already mention the thing about adding a drop of pink to the paint--my interior decorator sister warms up a color like white with one drop, and with the colors you have chosen it might just really be cool! Hope I didn't repeat myself! :) jean!