Friday, July 20, 2007

Favorite Cool Jewels projects: No. 4

My "Pretty in Pink" necklace (page 34) wasn't a favorite when I made it, but I've been wearing it a lot lately. It's light and colorful — in summer, a welcome change from all my chain jewelry.

I bought the pink beads from The Beadin' Path, whose website offers an amazing selection of Lucite. You can search by color, or buy bead mixes. They have beads in fruit, shell, and flower shapes, but of course I prefer the oval-shaped fuchsia jelly beans. Smooth and candy-like: yum. They also possess a shimmer that makes them look especially luminous.

To keep the necklace from looking too cutesy, I strung the beads with gunmetal spacers from Vintaj. Jane, who's a BeadStyle editor, suggested that I add chain, which gives you different ways to wear the necklace. Also, that makes the piece less bulky at the back of your neck. By the way, I spend lots of time in Jane's office. Not only does she give fabulous design advice, she's also a sympathetic listener about matters of the heart.

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