Friday, July 20, 2007

Favorite Cool Jewels projects: No. 1

My favorite Cool Jewels project: "Playing Hoops" (page 81). I wear a pair just about every day. This gold pair is almost bangle-sized and has the heart-and-key motif I love. By the way, those are scrapbooking charms, so they're flat and lightweight. Occasionally they get caught in my sweater, but I can live with that. I just try to avoid bobbing my head from side to side.

A tip: if you hammer wire, use a bench block. I made the mistake, in my zeal to finish the earrings, of hammering on my basement floor. That created a very unpretty texture. If you need a stainless steel bench block, you can get one from Rio Grande or Rings & Things. Also, make sure that you make the hanging loop big enough. Mine are a little small, so sometimes the hoop isn't as swingy as I'd like.

I've noticed that hoops are flattering on everyone; you just need to find the right size and gauge to flatter you. Tiny or huge hoops work best for me; classic mid-sized hoops that are about an inch in diameter look horrible (very matronly) on me. My favorite styles have just one metal bead or crystal dangling on them, but you can also string multiple beads or cover the entire wire.

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Jean said...

these are great--so glad to see you have a great new blog!