Saturday, May 16, 2015

Oh no, Chewy, not bad manners at brunch!

Choo loves people and food, and nowhere is this more evident than at brunch. When Dana and Kelsey came over, Choo got on her hind legs and tried to sniff our plates. We weren't overly troubled by this (some of us may have even been charmed). Bacon in her mouth? No problem, we took it. But after a brief house tour, we came back down to find her eating the top of the quiche. Sigh.

Mary also met Chewy over brunch, and Choo thought fit to give kisses and try to get very close to the food. We foiled her. But bothering guests while they ate was starting to become a habit. And who wants to push plates around the table while wrestling a smallish yet muscular dog?

Recently Pat came over for brunch. After we'd cleared the dishes, he walked back into the dining room to find Choo on the table. On all fours, sniffing my coffee. For real, Chewy? (And yes, I know I need to be more alpha than responding with, "For real, Chewy?")

Choo is fearless, treading that fine line between confidence and dominance.

We're working on her boundaries.

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